Environmental Pollution, Class-12, Twelfth English Book

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution has become a world problem. It is a great danger to human survival. There is air, water and sound pollution.

Petrol or diesel driven vehicles throw poisonous smoke into the air. It contains carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Chemical factories also spread smoke.

These also release effluents which pollutes water. Then music shops and pressure horns spread noise. If it exceeds a certain level, one tends to become deaf.

Trees have vanished due to urbanization. Due to these all, human life has become difficult. People get various diseases like heart attack, bronchitis,

asthma environmental pollution is indeed, very dangerous.

Big cities are full of pollution. Air pollution is the biggest problem.

The poisonous gases are continuously released from the factories as well as the vehicles. As a result, breathing becomes difficult at times. In the evening the sky is overcast with smoke.

Clean environment is very essential for life. If it is unclean, we get many diseases. So we must control those things which pollute our environment.

We mustn’t throw garbage on roads. Smoke from factories and vehicles burning petrol pollutes the environment. We should enforce rules to contain this pollution.

Effluents from chemical factories pollute the water in rivers.

These effluents must be purified. Then air pollution must be contained by not producing sounds.

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