The value of Time Or, Time is Money

The value of Time Or Time is Money

Time is very valuable. There is nothing as valuable as time. Time once lost is lost forever. Money spent can be earned again probably with interest. It is not so with. Time spent is spent and gone. It can never be got back. Almost everything in the world can be purchased, but time lost cannot be purchased.

As each second ticks away, that second moves from the present to the past. If you have not properly used that single second when it was in the present, it is a second wasted and it is already lost and merged into the past. No amount of crying or trying can bring you back the past. It is the time which gives birth to a child makes him young and old. It is the time which ends life.

Future is yet to come and how you will use the future, depends on how you are using the present.

If you want success, make proper use of time. Mind the present and make full use of it. It is sure and certain.

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