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IPL Governing Council convenes meeting to review various sponsorship deals after India-China border skirmish.

The Galwan Valley India-China Skirmish Is a Gamechanger for New Delhi.

झड़प (skirmish) 2023

!! यहाँ पर आने के लिए मैं आप का दिल से हार्दिक स्वागत करता हूँ और करता रहूँगा !!

आप यहाँ पर जिस सोच के साथ आये हैं, यहाँ पर आप को सब कुछ मिलेगा.

तो चलिए शुरू करते है.

  1. word in Hindi Meaning – झड़प
  2. ,, Urdu Meaning – تصادم
  3. ,, Nepali Meaning – झरना
  4. ,, Greek Meaning – αψιμαχία
  5. ,, Thai Meaning – การต่อสู้กัน
  6. ,, Bengali Meaning – দাঙ্গা
  7. ,, Danish Meaning – træfning
  8. ,, Kannada Meaning – ಚಕಮಕಿ
  9. ,, Shona Meaning – shuwa
  10. ,, Latin Meaning – equestre proelium

The Economic Times-

The death of Indian soldiers in word with China raises questions on trade, geopolitics & security

The Diplomat-

A skirmish in galwan valley: India and China’s Deadliest Clash in More

 Alien-Unknown, Brook-Tolerate, Console-Comfort, Conspire-Plot, Edifice-Building, Elapse-

Pass, Elegant-Artistic, Exploit-Courageous Work, Imperative-Essential, Altruist,10.Agenda,

Legacy-Heritage,Lurk-Slink, Primitive-Ancient, Recoil-Retreat, Unique-Exclusive, Deliver-

Distribute, Deliverance-Rescue, Human-Manly, Humane-Kind, Abbess,20.Aggressor,

Adequate-Ample, Blend-Mingle, Calamity-Distress, Clamber-Climb, Decade-Period of ten

years, Fickle-Changeable, Gaunt-Lean, Hoary-Black & White, Intervene-Interrupt,

Ambassador,30.Atheist, Levy-Impose, Misgiving-Misunderstanding, Paramount-Supreme,

Ponder-Muse, Towering-Lofty, Allegiance-Loyalty, Alliance-Accord, Axis-Pivot, Axle-With

Which wheel moves, Amateur,40.Amnesty, Abrupt-Sudden, Attain-Achiev, Cleft-Opening,

Decompose-Decay, Decree-Ordinance, Dimension-Extent, Fortitude-Courage, Frustrate-

Shatter, Haughty-Proud, Antidote,50.Armistice, Jurisdiction-Authority, Modify-Change,

Oppress-Tease, Ruthless-Cruel, Skirmish-Battle, Deflate-Exhaust, Industrial-Concerning to

industry, Industrious-Laborious, Inflate-Fill air, Aoristic,60.Anarchy, Alert-Watchful,

Appalling-Dreadful, Clad-Clothed, Climax-Interesting Point, Divert-Turn, Eloquent-

Persuasive, Episode-Part, Falter-Hesitate, Infinite-Limitless, Autocracy,70.Autobiography,

Provocation-incite, Slander-Criticise,Stark-Quite,Stately-Large, Wares-Goods, Conception-

Idea, Concession-Rebate, Repeal-Abrogate, Repel-Dispel, Anniversary,80.Anonymous,

Aggravate-Spoil, Barter-Exchange, Bestow-Give, Cite-Quote, Delegate-Representative,

Domestic-Pet, Fugitive-Fleeting, Garb-Costume, Laden-Loaded, Audience,90.Aristocracy,

Obligation-Gratitude, Outset-Beginning, Rational-Reasonable, Rebuke-Scold, Resolute-Firm,

Discord-Disagreement, Discourse-Preaching, Retain-Preserve, Sustain-Maintain,

Antipathy,100.Acrobat, Advantageous-Beneficial, Balmy-Soothing, Campus-Compound,

Cater-Feed, Currency-Coin, Elevated-Raised, Evacuate-Vacate, Gait-Speed, Gaudy-Showy,

Adultery,110.Anarchist, Hamlet-Hut

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